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Trophy Whitetail Buck
Trophy Whitetail Hunts in Texas

$2500 and up

  • Prices are based on score:
  • Up to 140" $2500
  • Over 140" to 180" add $150 per inch
  • Over 180" to 200" add $200 per inch
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Dove Hunts
Dove Hunts in Texas

$75 and up

  • Kids under 12 hunt FREE!
  • Opening Weekend - $100 per person/per day. All other weekends are $75 per person/per day
  • Free cold water all day
  • Ask about package deals
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Spring Turkey
Spring Turkey Hunting in Texas

$500 per hunter

  • One turkey and one hog
  • Saturday morning, afternoon and Sunday morning
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Hog Hunts
Ferral Hog Hunts in Texas

$450 per hunter

  • Available all year
  • Up to 2 pigs (one trophy hog and one meat hog)
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Native Game Price list and info

Hunt Bull Elk in Texas

Bull Elk $3000 and up

Cow Elk Hunting

Cow Elk $1800 and up

Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunting

Whitetail Buck $2500 and up

Whitetail Doe Hunting

Whitetail Doe $500 and up

Wild Turkey and Wild Hog Hunting

Turkey & Meat Hog $500

Trophy Hog and Meat Hog Hunting

Trophy & Meat Hog $450

Exotic Game Price list and info

Axis Buck

Axis Buck $1800 and up

Axis and Fallow Does

Axis, Fallow Does $700 and up

Black Buck

Black Buck $1800 and up

Fallow Buck

Fallow Buck $1800 and up

Sika Buck

Sika $1800 and up

Red Stag Bull

Red Stag Bull $3000 and up

Red Stag Hind

Red Stag Hind $900 and up


Aoudad $600 and up

Exotics Sheep and Goats Price list and info

Mouflon Ram

Mouflon Ram $2000 and up

Catalina Goat

Catalina Goat $600 and up

Corsican Ram

Corsican Ram $350 and up

Painted Desert Ram

Painted Desert Ram $350 and up

Texas Dall Ram

Texas Dall Ram $350 and up

Super Exotics Price list and info


Ibex POR


Kudu POR

Nilgai Bull

Nilgai Bull POR

Nilgai Cow

Nilgai Cow POR

Scimitar Horned Oryx

Scimitar Horned Oryx POR